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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sources are telling thaws something inside of the ruble behind me, is leading them to believe whether or not it is an accelerant or a substance that this may have been intentionally set although we have been here since this morning. the building has been condemned and boarded up. we met a pair of good samaritan that is they knew it was a fire and they tried to help. >> we could help. >> reporter: as soon as they saw fire henry and george went to work. >> first thing in my mind was to try to save the baby. >> reporter: at 6:00 this morning two contractors heard yelling and saw flames across the the street, 3200 block of kensington. they grabbed ladders when they saw people hanging outside windows including a woman dangling a baby. >> we put a ladder up we got a couple of people down or whatever and some people made it and some didn't make it. >> reporter: ones who didn't make it were rescued by fire fighters or jumped. one man died from the fall. five others injured including a child and either from smoke inhalation or jumping .
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neighbor harold lion was there. >> young kid about 13 he landed on his feet and his dad came down, right after this. and landed right on his head. >> reporter: sources tell cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the fire is labeled suspicious. several traces of an accelerant were found on the scene. bren that henry says that something was wrong. >> it was coming from the first and third floor. it sounded like it was from the fire box. >> reporter: on top of that fire commissioner derek sawyer said there were no working smoking alarms. >> required to have an alarm system and smoke alarms. we found neither. >> reporter: he praised actions of two guys who took action right away. >> i think that is great that they did that to save lives. >> it is justin stink, you know. >> reporter: well, 18 people in total have been displaced by this fire and 11 of them are being assisted by the red cross. coming up at 6:00 o'clock we have a lengthy interview with
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the owner and landlord of this building, and they claim that the fire alarms were not working. the that is at 6:00. live from kensington i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that update. another apartment fire in east windsor mercer county displaced a couple dozen people tonight. that fire, which was caught on cell phone video started around 2:15 this morning. fire fighter and a resident there had to be taken to the hospital but their injuries were not serious. we know resident sustained a facial injury after he jumped from his apartment to escape the flames. >> because he could not get out and then after that like when he opened window just air came out. everything started to explode. >> reporter: the cause of that fire is still under investigation tonight but they do not believe the fire is suspicious. first responders have rushed to rescue two people trapped after a crash in montgomery county. chopper three over the scene
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of the northeast extension between lansdale and mid county. accident happened shortly before 3:00 p.m. where we are told this ups truck hit a car trapping two people, underneath. they have been extricated and taken to the hospital and road is now reopened. developing right now a dead body found on board a cargo ship that arrived in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brownies live with the very latest from authorities natasha a? >> reporter: well, investigation between u.s. customs and philadelphia police is ongoing but for workers who actually discovered this body, it is an image that is hard to shake. >> it was just a horrible scene. >> reporter: jarring discovery for workers unloading a container on board a cargo ship atpy ier 84 on the delaware river off columbus boulevard. a smell led them to a dead body buried under tons of cocoa beans. >> we lifted the last sack, and one of my co-workers ran over and said dead body. once he a said dead body it
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was like it was craze friday there. >> reporter: man is believed to be from africa where ship reportedly originated. police believe he may have been a stowe away who didn't survive journey to the state. workers found boots and bags of snacks near body. >> when they close the top of the dock it is air tight shut nothing can get in and nothing can get out. >> reporter: this cargo ship, is a british registered ship that was apparently carrying beans, cocoa beans, from the ivory coast. the medical examiner will ultimately have to determine the the exact cause of death in this case. we are live here along columbus boulevard natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. school busies injured by a brick. bus was taking students home from the school of the future when the brick crashed through that window, and it happened on aspen street in west philadelphia. the female student was hit in the face, she has been cut but she is expect to be okay.
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police believe that brick was toss by a group of kid who were walk ago long the the street. two philadelphia police officers were hospitalized after their police wagon collided with another vehicle and flipped over. this happened in the 2,000 block of new kirk street in south philadelphia, and those officers were taken to presbyterian hospital with minor injuries and a has been release. allentown woman has been charged with homicide in the death of perfect 20 month-old son. prosecutors announced charges against 19 year-old jonisha per toy day. on may third police say per i threw through her son off the hamilton street bridge and then jump. she survived the 52-foot fall in the lehigh river but her son died later in the hospital. perry is being held behind bars without bail. death toll now stand at five after a tornado tore through parts of the texas and arkansas. dozens of others were hurt and at least eight are still missing. in the small town of van texas authorities say a third of all homes are damaged.
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rescuers went door to door today, checking on homeowners, one of whom rode out the storm under her staircase. >> i heard everything and pressure building up a little bit. i started saying heavenly father protect us. >> there is just so much disaster, i felt i should come and help. >> reporter: meantime in arkansas a couple died when a tornado hit their mobile home, they were reportedly protecting their 18 month-old daughter, who survived the storm. well, take a look at this incredible video of the tornado ripping off the roof of the school in iowa. this happened on sunday night in lake city. more than a hundred people were inside of that school at the time, they gathered for an award ceremony there. the city's mayor says that every one was able to evacuate safely thanks to tornado sirens. our weather is much more calm and feels a whole lot like summer right now hot humid, sticky. >> yes. >> but we're not complaining
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right. >> you will not hear my complaining not after that winter. kathy orr is tracking showers from the sky deck, the kathy. >> we have a few showers popping up here and there. that same front that brought is he rear weather to the west is moving through ohio valley and will break heat here in the delaware valley by mid week but we are not expecting anything in the way of severe weather. that is good news. the lets look at storm scan three. we have to talk about tropical moisture from the remnants of ana, you can see right there over mid-atlantic. they will move toward north east but cloud and warm, moist air moving up coastal plains and impacting our weather today. we have a few spotty showers out there and cold front approaching from the west. a all this moisture will be squeezed up in the region over the next 24 hours so it means hotter and more humid weather. zooming in, you can see that we can have spotty showers in newtown and then moving toward the the north otherwise just pretty sunny and warm for the the rest of the afternoon and going into the evening. the a as farrah as
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temperatures are concerned 81 in philadelphia, 85 in allentown. seventy-four in millville. average high is 72 with a southeasterly wind keeping it humid and keeping it warm. seventy-eight with a chance of showers by 7:00. by 1:00 we are down to 69 with partly cloudy skies. coming up we will talk about the peak of the heat as we chase 90 before a major cool down in the seven day. ill a's see you late inert broadcast. hundreds of cheryl crow fans ponied up for tickets to see sing he/song writer for an event in burlington county but as it turns out crow was never booked to play the show. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in mount holly to tell us what is next for would the man behind this ticket scam, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, kelly brian just had her first appearance in burlington county court. authorities say that she was selling tickets for fans to see cheryl crow at $60 a pop but she knew very well that cheryl crow was never going to
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be there. >> this is the the ticket itself i have four of these. >> reporter: cynthia pots found out the hard way. >> too good to be true, it is. >> reporter: monday afternoon 42 year-old kelly brian appeared in burlington county court on charges she deceived hundreds of people by promoting and selling tickets to the fake cheryl crow concert. >> charged by theft by deception and deceptive business practices do you understand that. >> yeah. >> reporter: medford and lumberton police began investigating brian and her company kbr promotions when they got word of the herald crow concert at flying w a small airport and resort. >> we started reaching out is this legitimate? somebody of cheryl crow's stature coming to medford seemed odd to us. >> reporter: flying w was aware of the concert but could not verify that cheryl crow was book. crow's facial booze page release aid statement saturday morning saying concert in medford was a false claim. police arrested brian saturday finding she had sold at least 200 tickets.
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brian had some plans in place for a concert, but add myth todd lying for cheryl crow. >> started out at what appeared to be a legitimate event, but again, cheryl crow was just never part of this event. >> reporter: police are hoping more people like cynthia pots come forward so they can find out exactly how many people were ripped off. fortunately for pots she got a refund. did you ever think you would be duped by something like this. >> no, no. >> reporter: how does that feel. >> it feels like crap. i would have been out almost $300. >> reporter: flying w released a statement saying that the flying w airport had no involvement in the promotion of the concert or any effort to sell tickets for the event and has cooperated fully with the lumberton township police department. kelly brian is being held on hundred thousand dollars full bond. reporting live from mount holly, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, thanks very much. george zimmerman man acquitted in the shooting
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death of the trayvon martin became victim of the gunfire himself this afternoon. police say a gun was fired at his car in lake mary, florida. the bullet which apparently went by his head did not hit zimmerman. the his attorney says he wases not seriously hurt but was hit by flying glass but has been released from the hospital. police are investigating the incident that is believed to be road rage. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" terrifying moment caught on camera when a stage holding 80 choir members collapses, during the performance. she's on the do not call list but she's still getting sick sometimes seven unwanted calls each day. it does than the sound familiar? tonight three on your side jim donovan will tell us how consumer group is pushing phone companies to block those calls. and new details about bobbi kristina brown entertainment tonight's kevin frazier sits down with whitney houston's mother sissy houston and will have have emotional interview about her
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well, we have all been there you are at home, the phone rings, it is one of those telemarketing robo calls, it is as annoying asset gets right new but there is a consumer group pushing phone companies to block those calls. >> as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find there may be a hang up. >> reporter: she's on the do not call list but laura miller still gets six or seven calls a day from companies trying to sell her something. >> medical alert bracelets credit card adjustments and
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mortgage refinancing. >> reporter: well, now some are calling on phone companies to do more to stop those auto generated robo calls that go out to thousands of people at a time. >> we think that the phone companies can block the calls before they get to your phone. >> reporter: jim marvin of consumers union is leading a campaign to require carriers to offer customers free tools to block robo calls a. >> phone companies need to step up and do more. >> reporter: right now there is a hang up telecom industry says while it shares widespread frustration about robo calling there are a number of complex legal issues that stand in the way among them fcc rule written in 1936 that phone companies contend requires carriers to connect every call. >> we read the rule that clearly consumers have a right to block unwanted phone calls from coming to their house. >> reporter: fcc is reviewing the rule and is supposed to issue a clarification. meanwhile marvin and others say there is no time to waste. so far almost 300,000 people have signed the consumers
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union petition, i have posted a link to the position on cbs and on my facebook and twitter feed. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. so rare a land line wings that it is anything other than a robo call. still here on "eyewitness news" is what really brewing in that cup of coffee you make each day maybe more than caffeine. we will tell you what is lurking in your coffee make their could make you sick. and it looks like prince harry has family on his mind. we will tell what you he a says about having children of his own and when he wants
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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we have some break being news right now let's go to chopper three live over an accident that we're told involves a van and a school bus. this is from upper hanover montgomery county layfield road and through can see the van there which is pretty heavily damaged on the front end. we're told two people injured but that no one on board that school bus was hurt. it is unclear whether students may have been on board but again we're all over this story and will bring you more details as soon as they become available from upper hanover montgomery county. it almost feels like summer out there. >> yeah. >> it a has heavier air and i'm not complaining. >> i love it. >> it is just quite the change. >> you have a bad hair day then you can complain. >> yes. >> different story. >> jessica never really has a bad hair day.
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>> well, tomorrow is going to be the day where we're talking heat humidity, really feeling like the dog days of sum iser, maybe a few isolated storms to boot. if you'd like to see wonderful observation from his our weather watchers those are at the the the bottom of the screen. look outside where it is brilliant, comfortable big border lake, looking good, no more snow, just some buds on the trees and some really pretty skies with fair weather clouds there but humidity is building in the poconos as well. on shore cam we are looking at temperatures that are pretty comfortable down there and in the city look at the clouds just billowing up with that deep blue sky, center city philadelphia really absorbing that sunshine with temperatures in the 80es a. on storm scan three we have showers, a a few flashes of lightening that has all calm a down. we have showers in montgomery county and this one is bubbling up in chester county moving through west chester and right now moving right along 202 and extending toward the the north. it is lifting north from
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kirkland, west goshen, toward east whiteland and extending toward tredyffrin and charlestown. if you are in the vicinity near 202 boot road to the left, you can see a downpour and then it will be moving out in a matter of minutes. it has been dry even though we are seeing spotty showers. we may have seen a couple during the day yesterday. so far this month over an inch below normal as far as precipitation is concern. we're talking about last time we had a tenth of an inch of rain throughout the region was back in late april. it has been a while. it seems like it hasn't rained in a long time. right now in philadelphia a 81. seventy-six millville. seventy-nine in the poconos. reading it is 81 degrees. down the shore we have on shore flow keeping it cool, mainly in the 60's, mild spot with the southern wind, again gate light 71. ocean water temperature catching up and warming through 50's. for tomorrow philadelphia chasing 90 high of 88. some spots may make it to 90.
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down the shore 87. poconos scattered storm and temperature is 78 degrees. tomorrow, hot and humid behind this cold front, northerly breeze, it will be windy, gusts to 25 miles an hour wednesday and then thursday staying cool with low humidity and plenty of sunshine. humidity spikes during the the day tomorrow. it will be steamy. then we will get in the pleasant mode very comfortable for wednesday thursday, and into friday. as we look at overnight tonight low temperature of 66 high tomorrow a sizzler, 88 with heat and humidity. hour by hour warming up. real sticky part comes in the afternoon with temperatures soaring through 80's. on the exclusive three day forecast, 88 tuesday, 69 wednesday, thursday comfortable at 72 degrees. the we are counting down to summer looking at conditions that are going to be cool, we have nine days, 23 hours, 37 minutes and only 102nd until the orr at the shore looking
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mother of the the late whitney houston is speaking out about bobbi kristina's condition. the one two-year old has been in the hospital for three months now and doctors have little will will hope for full recovery. >> sissy spoke entertainment tonight's kevin frazier joins us live from hollywood with a very emotional interview kevin. >> chris and jessica sissy has lived through more pain than most and somehow she moves on. one of the images i will never forget is standing in the back of the church at whitney houston's funeral as sissy walk down the aisle behind her child's casket. now unbelievably, she may have to bury whitney's daughter. >> how is chrissy doing.
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>> ahh please. she's the same. she has made no progress at all. she's the same. that is all i can say. when i go there and look at her, she's not gone yet but whatever the lord decides i'm ready for you know. i have nothing to do with that, that is his job that is his territory, you know i understand that. we go to the hospital every day and we pray i talk to her because she can hear, you know, and i rub her hand or whatever and whatnot. >> how does your faith continue to get you through tough times. >> faith will get you through anything, don't you know that. >> for all of the people, sending prayers every single
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day, for chrissy, what would you say to them. >> i would like to thank everybody who is praying who really knows the power of prayer and i'm sure it will get through. >> we will have so much more with sissy tonight chris and jessica, such a strong women. she has dealt with so much. >> oh, my gosh no kidding about that. we will look forward to that interview, kevin thanks very much. >> heart breaking the amount of tragedy that visited that family over the the years. you can see much more of kevin's interview with sissy houston on entertainment tonight at 7:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. coming up next half an hour it started as a brawl and then bullets began to fly. shots are fired and children played nearby. then a jaw dropping scene as stage collapses, 80 people and a choir go falling and it is caught on camera and we will have it for you. a wild game wreaks havoc inside a shopping mall but what happened after a animal got trapped in the children's clothing store. then new at 6:00 the
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amazing adventure of mary lee the great white shark new information about where she is, and why she is hanging out off the new jersey coast.
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i used to be able to have students come in and we do a social studies project and it was connected to language arts and it was connected to math. we educated in such an interdisciplinary way that educated the whole child. the testing shouldn't be in the driver's seat. i should be in the driver's seat. i should be directing my students in a way that's helping them make connections not just for an assessment but for life. i'm chris may in the head lines investigators are
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looking into whether a deadly fire in the kensington neighborhood of philadelphia is a possible case of arson. a man died, nothing to escape the flames earlier this morning. five others, were hospitalized. a stowe away is found dead in the pile of cocoa beans, on board a ship at a south philadelphia dock, authorities say that the stowe away was from the ivory coast and the ship came from west africa. burlington county woman is jailed tonight accused of selling tickets to the cheryl crow show in medford and then crow was never booked to play. police arrested concert promoter 42 year-old kelly brian over the weekend kate. chris, another midsummer-like day out there with temperatures in the 80's and high humidity. we had pop up showers and storms moving across the area a couple hours ago, these are fizzle only thing remaining is this shower over portions of chester county right now. don't be shocked traveling across the area tonight and come up upon rain drops but it looks like things will just
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stay steamy for one more day and big changes on the way. i will have your full seven day eyewitness forecast coming up jessica. a fight leads to gunfire in dash which kid playing nearby. one house was hit by a bullet as "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones tells us police made one arrest but they are still looking for two suspects. >> reporter: mothers day brawl captured on cell phone video ended after police say this man rahim pressly pulled a gun from his pocket and fired at least six shots. one went through a window payne on fourth street. >> he is a drug dealer. he is out on par parole. hopefully when we get them we will put them back in report report only "eyewitness news" was there as tamer austin was brought in to be arraigned on felony riot charges. austin was fighting with pressly's girlfriend, and it was that fight that helped touch off the mala that included, some carrying
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baseball bats. neighbors say, that there are 20 kids playing outside at the the time. >> it is not fair for citizens, that live here, the children that play here, but for these people that come and shoot and not care about peoples lives. >> reporter: darby council woman jennifer parks was there near third and green way avenue when police say pressly began shooting. >> i heard gunshots and ran outside, children were outside screaming. >> reporter: fortunate thely no one was home when bullet hit window and no one was injury. home owner did not the want to speak on camera as she lives here with the infant. someone could have been killed here. >> yes, because it went through window and fell on the landing of the steps. >> reporter: there have been several shootings recently. the the police chief stepped up patrols and contacted the state police, in an effort to try to beef up police presence. the mayor told me that she has had enough. >> there will be no block parties, in darby boro this summer. >> reporter: manhunt for rahim pressly and one other continues. police say that pressly, in
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particular, should be considered armed and dangerous. police asked any whoever knows their whereabouts to contact them here immediately. reporting from darby delaware county, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search continues tonight for gunman who walk into an auto parts store near pittsburgh and then fatally shot an employee. this happened just after 8:00 inside a motor sports in west moreland county. police say 34 year-old drew molinari died at the scene no one else was by gunfire and unclear at this point what motivated that a attack a. a threat made against burlington county institute of technology, earlier this morning, chopper three over the the school earlier today where a k-9 sweep took place and extra security was on site. officials do not believe that the threat was credible but school remains under a shelter in place order throughout the day, that threat, which was sent in by e-mail is now under investigation. an amber alert is still in effect at this hour for 12 year-old, a 12 year-old boy
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that authorities say has gone missing in jim thorpe carbon county. search is on for 12 year-old mason, who you see here, mason is about 4-foot four, weighs 80-pound with red hair, blue eyes, and as he is in that picture he is wearing glasses. police say mason was last seen behind his home on center avenue in jim thorpe around 7:00 this morning. there is a warning today in the mississippi town where two police officers were gunned down during a traffic stop. just a few hours after their emotional memorial service four suspects charged in connection with the shoot ago period in court. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has more. >> reporter: family, friend, fellow officers gathered in mississippi to remember benjamin dean and le corry tait, two officers killed after a traffic stop evened in gunfire saturday night. le corry tait's family says 25 year-old was living his dream of becoming an officer. >> officer tait wanted to be a cop. >> reporter: thirty-four year-old benjamin dean,
5:36 pm
married father of two was name officer of the year in 2012. >> as the family says the house was on fire with his side to save that family and got him to safety. >> reporter: four suspects arrested in connection with the shooting had initial court appearances. marvin banks and joan i callaway are charged with two counts of capitol murder. cover neil just clark with ab trucks of justice and curtis banks as an accessory. officer's deaths comes as national the police week gets underway in washington, remembrance of those who lost their lives in the line of duty. attorney general loretta lynch calls the the officer's death devastating and phoned hatesberg police chief to offer assistance. fbi says 51 law enforcement officers were killed in 204 almost twice as many as previous year. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well defense for dzhokhar tsarnaev rested its case today in a bid to save him the death penalty. defense brought helen prejean
5:37 pm
to the stan. she testified that tsarnaev expressed remorse and sorrow for victims of the boston marathon bombing. the sister prejean who opposes capitol punishment has met with the convicted boston bomber five times. pretty scary situation at los angeles international airport this morning. united express jet skidded to a stop, after it left mainlanding gear failed to extend. there were 43 people on board that plane a sky west flight, 5316 traveling frommont ray california. smoke and sparks could be seen coming from the left side of the plane as it dragged along the runway but in the end no one was injured. wow. a injury in china when stage collapses in the middle of a song... . the chore is was reportedly workers from saturday when that floor gave way. victims were rush to the hospital, it is not clear at
5:38 pm
this point what caused the stage to collapse. shoppers run for cover when a game quite literally drops in on them. >> a very confused animal fell through the ceiling and then, ran them through a children's store. look at that. >> wow. >> mankins never stood a chance. this led to a four hour standoff, at the the end, game was hit with the tranquilizer, and then carted off to an animal rehab. sorry, turf pick my jaw up after that that is terrifying. good evening everyone, unfortunately traffic is not doing great this afternoon either. we do on a serious note have a serious accident to talk about traveling on i-95 northbound not too far from the area of the commodore barry bridge. emergency teams on the scene and only within lane of traffic getting by. this means anyone heading out of delaware, making their way in to pennsylvania, heading
5:39 pm
toward commodore barry and continuing northbound maybe heading to the phillies game tonight, you will run into big time delays here as they continue to tend to this incident. traveling southbound you have quite a gaper delay to go with it. if you you can avoid i-95 northbound until that is cleared out so keep it right here. on the schuylkill expressway, 76 looks like the schuylkill and even heavier as a result have of phillies traffic abe rush hour so give yourself some more time. not only are we seeing more delays in and out of the center city but making your way around 476, going to and from the area of king of prussia there is a lot going on and speed sensors are continuing to drop. seventeen is your average on the schuylkill, expecting delays going to and from 76 using the vine, 13 on i-95. big time volume from the northeast and south philadelphia and 19 on 476 no major delays for mass transit. chris and jessica. still to come here on "eyewitness news" a mother's intuition and iphone helped save a little boys life. we will tell you how a photo
5:40 pm
revealed that child had cancer. do you have what it takes to be a royal. what britain's most eligible bachelor says about settling down and having children, kate. we are stuck in the steam bath at least for one more day, temperatures could approach 90 in spots tomorrow but then big changes on the way, we will have the full seven day
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some breaking news right now nfl has come down hard on the patriots, suspending their quarterback tom brady for the first four games have of next season, for his alleged role in the super bowl or afc championship game deflate gate scandal. in addition the patriots organization has been find a million-dollar and they will lose two draft picks a first rounder next year, fourth rounder in 2017. sports director beasley easies here gathering details and will have very latest on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. wow, tough penalties for that. okay coffee lovers, have you cleaned out your coffee maker lately. >> i hate to tell you but germs love to lurk in there apparently. sample were taken from ten single serve machines, that area where you place cup containing coffee ground, well area where coffee pours
5:44 pm
out and water reservoir. scientists found e-coli and bacteria that can cause staph infections. >> any organize miss many given a right situation or right person can cause a problem. >> if this is my coffee maker would i clean it out. >> we will all do that now to avoid those germs wash your hand before using machine flush it with vinegar regularly, use filtered water, change water after every use ape let pieces dry completely after you have clean them. a lot of steps but worth getting rid of the germs. >> good advic
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen.
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the sportier utility vehicle. phillies ace cole hamels is going to bat for area students. he stopped by west philadelphia high school today announcing this years hamels foundation grant recipients. more than $53,000 being donated into eight philadelphia area schools. that money will buy everything from a new audio systems to science kits math curriculum and reading library. hall else foundation raises money to establish a school in mall awi africa. pretty good day out there little humid. >> not so bad. >> fit were july it would be a perfect kind of day but i don't know about you this is too soon f me.
5:48 pm
>> yeah, jarring. >> it is just too much like we're supposed to be in the mid 70's. and that is what we're going to get back to. if you like it summer like, like it now. one area that has not been all that summer like is the the shore. we are seeing sun in the afternoon but fog has been very, very slow to break down the the shore the the past few days. we will see dense fog forming especially down the shore heading into tomorrow as well. people still outside in ocean city, having a great time ape just a few months that boardwalk will be pack right up until the late evening hours have of ocean city. just a few folks out taking an evening stroll in the boardwalk. lets look at eyewitness weather watchers here through a monday afternoon it was a warm steamy day. temperatures all in the 80's a. lynn spring inner cherry hill at 80. hazy sky at her house lynn says the hot hot and more hot. she has a frown face. i feel like lynn is in my camp but this is too soon. i like 80's in july but not sure about 80's in may. john at will four is reporting
5:49 pm
some sun there. he says wind is cooling on a humid day. breeze does help a bit. as we check with one more warm temperature, 85 degrees, this is jeromy blue bell, reporting full sunshine here and jerry says summertime, he seems excited about the nice warm weather. lets look at what is happening outside. it does seem like summertime with the remnants of tropical storm ana sitting and spinning over portions of coastal virginia right now. we can see that moisture, heavy rain actually use some of that rain but moving out to sea. it is in a squeeze play with the cold front now moving across portions of ohio. not a whole lot happening for us, zooming into a couple pop up showers and thunderstorms earlier but everything has fizzled away maybe a couple rain drops here and there later tonight. future visibility by 3:00 a.m., fog settles in again. it will be thickest and most dense near the the shore and four or 5:00 a.m. we will see numbers decrease. watch out for pockets of reduced visibility tomorrow
5:50 pm
morning but by 9:00 a.m. it clears out and we will see sunshine. as this front head our way it doesn't have a whole lot with it. it will sweep through. picking up a gusty breeze and then that is it. high pressure settles in overhead and we will get cooler flow from the north and west. things feeling more like may should feel as we head into wednesday and thursday. take a look the our future temperatures couple with the wind direction. tomorrow morning we will see southwest wind, very hot blow torch flow i like to call it. up mid to 80's. watch how wind become more westerly and northwesterly bringing that much cooler air back into the region. in the only cooler air with you lower humidity as well. dew point over next few days will drop, steamy tomorrow and then awesome wednesday and thursday, and very, very dry air moving in friday is pleasant as well. so for tonight it is steamy, 66 degrees the the overnight low. tomorrow hot and humid fog with unshine. 88 degrees. wind picks up in the afternoon. out and about on your tuesday morning commute 72, lunch
5:51 pm
outside, 84 degrees. after school 85 if the kid plan on playing outdoors,definitely dress for summertime but watch the the difference, we will drop 20 degrees from tuesday and wednesday, cooler and breezy wednesday at 69. thursday, 72 and beautiful. friday looks great as well. we are watching for a chance of couple scattered showers and storms saturday. we will keep you posted on that as you try to plan your weekend. chris and jessica back over to you. illinois mother makes a life saving discovery with her i phone. >> correspondent rebecca clump shows us how a picture help save her two-year old son. >> reporter: avery fitzgerald is a pretty typical two years old following after his older brother but his mother noticed something different about her younger son. >> probably a couple months ago i noticed looking at avery, like in a light i would see something in the back of his eye and i thought ahh. >> reporter: julie fitzgerald started to wonder what it could be and went on line and
5:52 pm
read an article who saw a white eye in photos of relatives instead of the normal red eye. it turns out to be cancer. julie told the story to her husband patrick. he said he told her it was nothing but julie could not shake the story something was wrong. >> i took a picture and did in the want to take the picture because i had had this dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomach. i took the picture and sure enough i took it of all three boys and the other two were fine, and then his picture, boom i mean his whole pupil was just, white. >> reporter: that was just three weeks ago. julie went to the specialist who gave them the news. >> he took one look and said there are multiple, multiple tumors and you will probably not be able to save his eye. >> reporter: it was cancer, 75 percent of avery's eye was covered in tumors and it a had to be removed. had they waited longer it
5:53 pm
could have spread to his brain, and blood. but fitzgerald family found out avery had likely been blind in his left eye his whole life, but that the tumor started growing just six weeks earlier. his dad says he a has very simple advice for other fathers out there. >> listen to your wife that would be the first thing. >> yes. >> trust your gut. >> definitely. >> trust your momma's gut. >> that was rebecca clump reporting for us. avery will eventually get a prosthetic eye family believes that all of the cancer has now been removed. still ahead on "eyewitness news" prince harry is looking for love, and that is not all. >> that is right, the royal reveals his plans for the the future, when we come back.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
so soon. >> yes. >> this time it is prince i is anxious to settle down and yes, start having kids. cbs news correspondent jonathan bigloti reports from london. >> reporter: prince harry is already kid approved just
5:57 pm
listen to these school children he visited on a tour of new zealand this week. >> pretty cool guy. >> he was quite nice. he says he is at a crossroads after ending a decades long military career. >> of course, i love to have kid right now but there is a process one has to go through. >> reporter: prince harry says he want to be a dad after watching prince william and sister in law kate welcome charlotte in the world earlier this month. >> it would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure, but, you know, that time will come. whatever happens, happens i guess. >> reporter: prince harry is fifth in line after his baby niece bumped him down a notch. prince is exited to visit her when he returns to london. >> i'm so looking forward to her, seeing her meeting her holding her. >> reporter: softer side for the party prince splashed a across tabloids for his naked party vacation in vegas and string of failed relationships.
5:58 pm
his last long time girlfriend was cristinabones who split up with the prince one year ago. jonathan bigloti cbs news, london. just a few months ago emma watson denied tabloid rumors she was dating prince harry. >> for now it looks like he is not seeing anybody. very eligible bachelor. i'm sure in time. >> that will work for him. >> it will all work out children and everything else. take your time. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 we are following breaking news, patriots quarterback tom brady learns his punishment over deflate gate. >> a fire has claim life of one man and injured five others tonight, we're hearing from the owner of the building who says that this was a targeted arson. plus exciting concert goers thought they were going to see cheryl crow, but instead, they found out they have been scammed, and now a new jersey is behind bars kathy. >> tomorrow we will put sizzle in the summer-like weather and temperatures chase 90 degrees
5:59 pm
and then a dramatic drop, i'll have it coming up with the seven day. an update to the most popular great white shark in the atlantic, new information about marry lee and why she may be hanging off the coast of new jersey. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news right now the national football league has dropped the hammer on, patriots quarterback tom brady and new england organization in the wake of the deflate gate scandal. brady handed a lengthy suspension to start next season. well, good evening thanks for being with us i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. in addition to the suspension, the nfl has find the team one million-dollar and taken way two draft picks. we will bring in sports director beasley reese who is breaking this down for us. >> this is a new nfl. people thought they wouldn't touch this guy. commissioner roger goodell took his time with this one making sure he got it right the first time.
6:00 pm
the league's super bowl champion and super bowl mvp tom brady it was the colt who blew whistle in the afc championship game and the colts, brady will face, in his first game back, week 25. an independent investigation found, text messages between patriots employees that indicated that brady wanted his football deflated, after the officials inspection . brady a has yet to respond this is certainly breaking news right now. when first questioned he said he knew nothing about tampering with


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